Website Investing Deals 9th September

There were 19 new content site listings (+10 from last week) over the last 7 days earning > $500/m:

There are currently 154 live listings with verified traffic (+0 from last week) across the main players in the market, for established content sites earning > $500/m:

This week we’re able to feature 3x established sites, 1x starter site (earning < $500/m) and 1x aged domain ranging from $2,500 to $378K.

You can comment on these deals and leave us a question at the bottom of the web version of this post. The Reminder and Terminology sections are here, and SOPs for due diligence and generating upside are here.


Colin Ma & Richard Patey

Aged Domain

Company: ODYS

Domain Info Page:

Price: $2,550

Niche: Beauty

Google Trends Screenshot: how to do nails


Wayback Machine: Oct 31, 2019

Namebio Previous Sales History: last sold for $659 on 2020-08-24 at GoDaddy

Pages Indexed: 4

Supplier Recommendation: We heartfully recommend building an authority affiliate site reviewing the Best Cosmetics, Nails products, Beauty & Personal Care Products. 

Our Thoughts

The beauty niche is HUGE and there are a variety of content sites that make money - from tutorials to affiliate sites, to even launching your own brand. The site has some nice links (such as from Cosmopolitan and ABC News 7) with great relevance in the beauty and cosmetics space. Start your build out by going after some terms around nails, then focus on cosmetics.

Our Verdict: ★★★★☆ Pages still indexed with some powerful links

Starter Site 

Company: Motion Invest

Listing URL:

Price: $15,100

Earnings: $477 (L5M)

Niche: Tech

Monetization: Adsense

Wordcount (Weglot): 766,829


Our Thoughts

This site is a good opportunity for someone who is willing to put in some work. Although the site has grown with various informational posts, adding content targeting ‘best of’ articles/reviews could prove lucrative to take advantage of existing DR and topical relevance.

With a good amount of content and growing traffic, along with the opportunity to increase RPM by utilizing an ad network, this site can generate a nice ROI for a new owner.

Potential Upside

  • 319 keywords ranked on p2 in Google with 200+ search volume

  • Better funneling homepage link equity could boost main pages - currently has 82 internal links!

  • Expand into product reviews to generate affiliate income. Good topical relevance around a lot of products

  • Utilize an ad network instead of AdSense for better RPM

Potential Risks

  • Mediocre EAT that could be improved (no authors actually listed, basic home page design)

  • May leverage PBNs

  • Ranks for high search volume terms that fluctuate a lot

Our Verdict: ★★★★☆ Great opportunities for growth, but current rankings are not stable due to keywords

Established Sites

Company: Investors Club

Listing URL:

Price:  $170,415

Earnings: 4,869 (L4M)

Niche: Personal Care / Grooming

Monetization: Affiliate + Display Ads

Wordcount (Weglot): 173,272


Our Thoughts 

This site in the personal care/grooming niche focuses on a certain group of people. However, the 2 word .com domain and niche is broad enough to easily expand out of the group, ensuring there are plenty of topics a new owner could publish. Focusing on CRO early could provide some quick wins for the owner, as money pages are not well optimized, but rank well. Site design and logo are very strong.

Potential Upside

  • 217 keywords ranked on p2 with 200+ search volume, many with high buying intent

  • Finding alternative affiliate deals with numerous hair and skincare products

  • Improve CRO by adding a comparison table in money articles

Potential Risks

  • Mediocre EAT

  • Aggressive link distribution to articles compared to home page

  • Contains numerous low-quality links

Our Verdict: ★★★★☆ Good opportunity with good growth potential. Could be five stars but it’s a little pricey given the history of earnings

Company: Empire Flippers

Listing URL:

Price: $378,659

Earnings: $11,137  (L6M)

Niche: Gun

Monetization: Affiliate

Wordcount (Weglot): 587,304


Our Thoughts 

This site has actually been on our radar and we’ve chatted with the owner for a few months before they listed on EF. It’s a tremendous opportunity that is well-positioned to explode in traffic and earnings but has a great deal of risk due to the domain it is built on. This site is not for the faint of heart and a project only an experienced SEO or investor should tackle. It’s more a database (although not a directory with < 200 pages) than a traditional content / review site. The site is built on an expired domain bought at a GoDaddy auction last year for over $6K.

Potential Upside

  • 416 keywords ranked on p2 with 200+ search volume, many with high buying intent

  • Improve CRO by adding a comparison table in money articles

  • Find alternative affiliate programs to diversify away from Amazon

  • Add links to interior pages from the home page

Potential Risks

  • Built on an expired domain with competing messaging

  • Database data comes from unknown 3rd party, potential copyright issues

  • Very little EAT

Our Verdict: ★★★☆☆ Huge niche with a lot of buying intent keywords, but there is a lot of risk given the previous history of the domain. 4 stars if you can negotiate the price down.

Company: Empire Flippers

Listing URL:

Price: $159,367

Earnings:  $4,687

Niche: Garden

Monetization:  Amazon Associates (68%), Display Ads (Mediavine) (32%)

Wordcount (Weglot): 903,733


Our Thoughts

This site in the garden niche is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants a larger site (over 500 pages in google index) and is ready to publish even more content off the back of a strong DR.

Although the site is past its peak (at least according to Ahrefs), rankings have stabilized and the site seems primed to return to its former glory. However, the fact that it has 2x 301 redirects, as well as PBNs, changes it from being a no-brainer, must-have site to something more along the lines of a potentially good acquisition.

Potential Upside

  • 654 keywords ranked on p2 with 200+ search volume, many with high buying intent and 1000+ search volume

  • Use other ad networks (such as ad thrive) to improve RPM

  • Use other affiliate programs (Home Depot, Walmart, etc)

  • Can use Pinterest to diversify traffic sources and gain additional traffic

  • Content Audit (SOP) - remove old articles with no to very little traffic

Potential Risks

  • Has 2x 301 redirects

  • Has 12x PBNs

  • Little EAT (poor about me, the home page, no social media)

Our Verdict: ★★★★☆ Good opportunity - would be five stars if it didn’t have the PBNs and 301 redirects.