What We Mean By Content Sites

Content sites are either product review sites or blogs where the majority of their traffic comes from Google organic search.

They are predominantly monetized by advertising and affiliate commissions, as well as revenue from info / digital products.

Content sites can earn money from sponsored posts (in most cases this means selling links) but we discount this as a revenue source and wouldn’t feature a site in the Wednesday Deals emails that generates the majority of its income from doing this. It’s just not as sustainable or as passive as affiliate / ads.

Content sites are not directory / lead generation sites. Nor are they ecommerce stores (such as a Shopify / FBA) or SaaS.

Directory sites that focus on lead gen for monetization, often build out a large number of geographic pages with thinner content. I like the lead gen model but I wouldn’t call them content sites, and you typically wouldn’t be buying them for the quality of the content.

To understand why it’s important that a website is getting the majority of traffic from google search you can read this article on Flippa.