New Name, Platform & Plan for Patey Premium

I'm making the switch from Gumroad to Substack and adding an annual plan

Welcome to the Website Investing publication on Substack - the new home for Patey Premium.

I reached 70+ paying subscribers on Gumroad and achieved $3400 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) but it had a lot of limitations and wasn’t built for publishing.

I want to be able to focus on and increase the value from my newsletter, so I’m aiming to get to five figures a month by the end of this year and treat this as a media company play.

Substack is a platform built for paid newsletters and will enable me to seamlessly manage my free and paid subscribers, and publish to email as well as to the web automatically. I’ve just imported you here :)

Every post going forward will have its own URL which is great. Here is yesterdays content site deals which I’ve now added an extra authority domain at the bottom.

From Monday, all new subscribers will sign up at but you don’t need to do anything to continue to receive your content as I will “comp” you on Substack (and you will continue to be billed on Gumroad).

Unless you prefer an annual subscription…

New Annual Subscription Plan

A number of paying subscribers had asked for an annual plan previously, and it’s great to now be able to do this.

To thank you for your early support, I’m offering an annual subscription for existing subscribers at $400 (4 months free) for the next 3 days.

From Monday, the annual subscription will go up to $500 (2 months free).

To lock in annual at this rate, just hit the subscribe button below.

(Once you subscribe on Substack, I’ll cancel your subscription over at Gumroad)

Going Forward

Here is what’s happening from next week.

On Mondays, everyone receives Website Investing Weekly.

On Wednesdays, paying subscribers get Website Investing Deals.

On Fridays there will now be free and paid episodes of the Website Investing Podcast - this is episode 0 (not yet submitted to iTunes etc).

Free subscribers will receive the public podcast feed with partial episodes; whilst paying subscribers will receive their own private feed with full episodes that contain the best insights (too good for the general public).

And on Substack I now have the ability to create discussion threads for paying subscribers such as this AMA one.

I’m excited to properly launch on Substack next week (please don’t mention or link to any of this until then) and continue to increase the value for paying subscribers going forward.

Thanks again for your continued support.