🔥 Introducing investing.io 🔥

A new home for entrepreneurs turned investors

Hi, Travis Jamison here.

I’m pretty excited to announce that I recently acquired the Website Investing publication from Richard (and brought in a new sexy domain to go with it).

Together, Richard and I are going to be taking the publication and combining it into something new, and something pretty special: investing.io

For years now, I’ve craved a central home base for the type of investor that I am, and the same type of investors that many of you are as well. Entrepreneurs first, who naturally turned into investors along the path of success. Here, we are creating that new home.

So what does this mean?

Well, a few things:

  1. As of this writing, our new application-only investing community is live at community.investing.io - This is the hub for like-minded investors to share openly, and will also be the place where all of the curated deal-flow, SOP’s and guides will be hosted. (If you are already a paying Substack member, you will automatically get your invites over the next few days)

  2. Our website investing publication (now at website.investing.io) is getting some siblings 🐤🐤🐤. We’re expanding into bootstrapped startups, rolling my other newsletter acquisitions (Startup Resources and FoundersGrid) into a new Substack publication (at startup.investing.io), all published by the amaaaazing Juliet with the help of Colin, and Avi the PodGod will be mic’d up on the podcast.

Now a little about me (if you care)

So that’s the gist of everything above, but if you’re interested I thought I’d share a little about myself, and why I’m so excited about this new path. Over the last few years I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole of all kinds of alternative investing strategies. 50+ angel investments, LPs in half a dozen funds, purchasing minority stakes in cash-flow companies, buying full ownership of several small businesses, metals, crypto, and that's just scratching the surface.

I'm very interested in sharing what I've learned, and hopefully bringing along others for the ride allowing us all to benefit from this adventure while hopefully not repeating the same mistakes (and there were many). I know that many others in our incredibly knowledgable community feel the exact same way, and have a ton of value to offer for us all to grow together.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

There are so many types of "investors", but I feel that the community that I most connect with, and can benefit the most, is the one of entrepreneurs who turned into investors due to success in online business. I believe that we have a special skill-set and industry knowledge that common stock pickers will never understand. I believe we can make outsized returns, with lower risk, using the specialized knowledge that only we have, and if nothing else... "investopreneurs" are the people I enjoy spending my time with.

I hope you feel the same and will join us.

Finally, just an FYI that all paid content going forward will be featured within the community, where the format gives us the ability to feature far more website deals, far quicker than we could by email (good deals go hella fast). And we will soon be expanding into bringing in deal-flow featuring startups and group-business-buys when we have the ability to syndicate a good juicy deal.

Existing paid subscribers will be sent email invitations into the community on Monday and anyone new will need to apply at a new $249/quarter price point (which will increase over time).

Here’s to us growing together!

Thank you!

- Travis