Ep 33: Ron Stefanski, the 'One Hour Professor'


In this episode of the Website Investing podcast, Avi talks with Ron Stefanski about his various YouTube projects. These projects include 'The One Hour Professor' which features some of his courses on blogging and SEO. They also speak about how Ron's YouTube channels complement his blogs, and his recent website sale, which was his biggest ever asset sale. 


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📝 Show Summary & Insights

Selling A Website

  • Ron recently sold a website he’s been building and growing since 2014. At one point, it had 250,000 visitors a month. The niche was negatively impacted by COVID, Google AdSense issues, and fierce market competition. Due to these issues, Ron decided to sell it. 

  • He felt that his heart wasn’t in growing and keeping the website anymore. He had other interests and passions that he wanted to focus on instead. Those reasons led him to sell it recently for a mid-6 figure value.

  • The more focus that you have on your website, the better. 

Growing on YouTube

  • Ron has a bunch of YouTube channels that he runs along with his wife. 

  • Before they were married, Ron's wife already had a YouTube channel with around 2 million subscribers. Ron helped her manage the channel, and in the process, learned a lot about the technical and SEO aspects of YouTube.

  • Ron has a channel called the 'One Hour Professor', which he’s had for around 5 years. It's only since 2020 that he started to focus on it's growth. He also has a website for the 'One Hour Professor'.

  • This YouTube channel has videos and courses on how to grow and develop your website. These days, he releases a video once a week.

  • With a YouTube channel, you get to be more personal with your audience, as they are able to actually see you on video.

Traffic & Income Generation

  • His main focus is the website, so he uses the channel as a new way to get traffic and open up to a new audience. 

  • Some people prefer to sit down and read a whole blog post, while others would rather watch a video. What Ron does is uses the transcriptions of his videos and turns them into blog posts. This is how his channel complements his blog so well.

  • Taking blog content and making it into a YouTube video can be tricky. If it is personality-based, be sure you are personal and sincere with your audience. You need to sit down and not be a robot in front of the camera by simply reading stuff on your videos.

  • Building a channel without you as a brand or personality requires some script, which a voice-over would read. You also have to get creative with editing. 

  • Ron has 2 channels like this which he co-owns with his wife. The premise is that there is no personality tied to it. Rather, it is focused on videos about different topics or products. 

  • YouTube channels can become a real passive asset. Ron says that the wider the niche, the better. 

  • You can profit off of your channel not just through display ads, but also through affiliate marketing. Many channels do this and are successful with this method.

  • Ron doesn’t focus much on subscriber count. He focuses instead on view count, because, at the end of the day, views are what matter. 

  • Ron and his wife are thinking about adding another channel by the end of this year.


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