Ep 11 Part 1: Emre Goktas on Selling a Multi-Language Site for €105K in 6 Months


In this episode of the Website Investing podcast, Richard speaks with Emre Goktas from Rev Panda on how he was able to build and sell a content site for €105K within 6 months.

In this part 1, free subscribers get the first ~30 minutes of the conversation; paying subscribers also get part 2 in their RSS feed. As is typical, part 2 elicits more insights as we get deeper into the conversation.


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Part 1 show notes

Ranking Your Website Faster in 6 Months

Importance of The Content Niche

Picking a content niche that matches the industry you are targeting is a major way to produce new keywords you can use to rank your website on Google.  

When your site attracts qualified leads, you’re subsequently able to generate more advertising dollars.  Advertisers like to invest their money into sites that are able to provide isolated and engaged audiences.

Not only do niche audiences allow you to seek out contextual PPC advertisements, but you’ll also get opportunities for referring leads to other websites.

Cooperating With Other Websites

Partnering with different companies that match your niche is a way to increase search traffic and revenue. 

One idea is to write content on their new products that are about to come to the market (before the launch).  

Link Building Strategy

Cooperate with other websites to put a ‘testimonial block’ that says you made a review about the product that they are selling.

Advantages of Multi-Language Content Sites

There are several advantages to having your site available in multiple languages: 


Multi-language content can be marketable around the world. 

Companies with multi-language websites prove to be customer-centric, resulting in improving the overall brand reputations and credibility among target audiences.


Businesses today look for people who are bilingual or multilingual due to the diversity in today’s population. 

Some companies are globally operated and hiring a person who knows many languages can give them an edge in marketing globally.

Importance of Domain Name

It is important that your website domain will be unique in a way that it has a single meaning and recognizable even in different languages, It should align with the overall goal of your website.

The domain name helps in building the brand also. If you have a domain name the same as your business name, it reinforces your brand, making it very easy for your customers to remember your brand and return to you easily through your website.  

Characteristics of a Website That Sells

The ability to sell advertisements and sponsorship and the power of having multiple languages to be discovered by other countries.

Equally important, the site must work quickly, correctly, and as expected. Build to web standards, proofread rigorously, and tested regularly for problems with speed or functionality. Every page should always be fast and functional.

Episode 11 Part 2

In part 2 of this conversation we discuss:

  • The importance of building a team for growth

  • Hiring people in the Baltic states

  • Could mobile apps be better than email lists?

  • Is leveraging google search traffic into your own app the ultimate strategy?

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Richard Patey (Host) & Avi Silverberg (Producer)