Why Website Investing?

Website investing means investing in content websites. You can either:

1) Buy an existing revenue-generating website (from $500/m to $50K/m and beyond)

2) Buy a starter site that has content and is starting to rank but is not yet generating revenue.

3) Build out on an aged domain. Domainers call this “developing domains”.

The website investing space brings together:

  • Website publishers, advertisers & affiliates

  • SEO operators & website flippers

  • Domain investing (for SEO or brand)

  • Website marketplaces & brokerages

  • Main street investors & micro private equity

It’s a fascinating space to play with high yields (up to 40%), high risk (due to Google updates) and huge potential upside where you can flip an asset for 2x within a year (I have).

What is a content site?

Content sites are either product review sites or blogs where the majority of their traffic comes from Google organic search. They are predominantly monetized by advertising and affiliate commissions, as well as revenue from info / digital products.

Content sites are not directory / lead generation sites. Nor are they ecommerce stores (such as a Shopify / FBA) or SaaS.

We go into more detail in our post on What We Mean By Content Sites

Who is this publication for?

This publication is for both active investors and passive investors.

Active investors look to pick up undervalued or under-optimized websites where they can add their skill set to dramatically increase revenue, to be able to flip or cashflow.

Passive investors who have limited time to improve a website after purchase, should focus on websites with consistent revenue, that already have good SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) baked in, and focus on maintaining revenue to cashflow.

Get sophisticated analysis from the only publication covering website investing deals, with insights into deal valuation and sector trends.

Who is the publication by?

This publication was founded by Richard Patey and is now a team effort with cofounder Travis Jamison, Juliet Lyall (Newsletter Editor), Colin Ma (Deals Analyst) and Avi Silverberg (Podcast Producer).

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